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Bowling Green Rose Show - 2006

Our Bowling Green Rose Show was held on June 3-4, 2006, at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 807 Campbell Lane, Bowling Green.   There were exhibitors  from across the district with their garden grown roses which were judged by certified representatives of the American Rose Society. The theme of this year's show was "Mozart" in recognition of the 250th celebration of his birth.

This  was the 46th year the Bowling Green Rose Society has held this event for the enjoyment of the people of Bowling Green and south central Kentucky.   The 2006 Rose Show was dedicated to Jim and Nina Bennett, long-time members of BGRS.

Co-chairmen of the Rose Show were Dr. Kent Campbell and Robert Jacobs. 

Click here for Bowling Green Rose Show results in pdf format.

Photos from 2006 Rose Show

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1756 - 1791

Jim & Nina Bennett
Jim & Nina Bennett
Bob Jacobs & Kent Campbell
Bob Jacobs & Kent Campbell
Show Co-chairs
Getting Ready
Getting Ready
Claire Campbell & Norma Cruz -  Friday Preparations
Claire Campbell & Norma Cruz
Friday Preparations
Kathy Dodson - Grooming Roses
Kathy Dodson
Grooming Roses
Gail Smith Grooming Roses
Gail Smith
Grooming Roses
Larry Baird - Grooming Robert Sutherland - Grooming
Larry Baird - Grooming Robert Sutherland - Grooming BGRS Members
Advice from a Judge
Judges & Clerks Georgia Synder & Sandy Duncan - Clerks Advice from a Judge
Gail & Norma - Paperwork
Gail & Norma - Paperwork
Ann & Bob - Lunch
Ann & Bob - Lunch



The Roses

Best of Show
English Box – Bees Knees
Larry Baird

Rose in a Bowl
HT - Larry Baird - Johnny Becnel
Open - Kent Campbell
Gold Medal

Roy Almond - Judge

Rose in a Bottle
Bob Jacobs
 Brandenburg Gate

Hybrid Tea Queen – Moonstone
Greg Sanders

Mini Queen - Fairhope
Robert Sutherland

Mini-Flora Queen – Foolish Pleasure
Robert Sutherland

The Boy Superstar Line-Mass Kathy Dodson Moonstone ARS Royalty Award

Melodies Line Gail Smith Olympiad

“. . . the accursed French language . . .” Free Form Mary Ann Hext Veteran’s Honor

Dies Irae (Wrath of God) from The Requiem Mass Abstract Ann Jacobs Veteran’s Honor & Liebeszauaber ARS Artists Award

The Ultimate Classicist Nageire Ann Jacobs St. Patrick & Oregold ARS Oriental Award

Eine kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music) Moribana Gail Smith Diana Princess of Wales

Eine kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music) Moribana Mary Ann Hext Marilyn Monroe

Symphony No. 41 in C Major, “The Jupiter” Oriental Free Style Ann Jacobs Veteran’s Honor & Opening Night

The Boy Superstar
Judges Design

Judges Designs Melodies Sam Jones

“ . . . Short and good.”
Mary Jane Utz Memphis King

Norma Cruz Black Jade

“Mozart is sunshine.”
Mary Jane Utz Rise ‘n’ Shine

“Mozart is sunshine.”
Norma Cruz Bees Knees

Growing Roses is Very Tiring!!!!

Photos: Bob Jacobs, Claire Campbell, Mary Ann Hext


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