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Our Monthly Newsletter - Rosebuds
After 15 years of publishing our monthly newsletter entitled, "Rosebuds," Dr. Kent and Claire Campbell retired from this position.  The newsletter is now prepared and edited by Mary Ann Hext and sent electronically each month as well as placed on this page.  Members with out electronic access will receive the newsletter by mail.   Anyone wishing to receive "Rosebuds"  or to submit information to be included in it, should call 270.781.8171 or e-mail

Rosebuds (in pdf format)


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 Tenarky District Newsletter - KATnips

Click here to view KATnips on the Tenarky District website.




Titus Tirop

2014-15 BGRS Scholarship Recipient

WKU BS in Agriculture
Pursing MS in Horticulture




Andrew Wurth
Glasgow, KY


2014-15 BGRS Scholarship Recipient

WKU Horticulture Major

2010-11 BGRS WKU Horticulture Scholarship Recipients

Zachary Vincent, Drennan Cowan
Nathan Howell & Claudia Stetter


Kristin Goodin
Columbia, KY

2007-08 BGRS WKU
Horticulture Scholarship Recipient

WKU Horticulture Major

Other News

Please visit the Bowling Green Rose Society public display garden located at the Riverwalk Park on 31W-Bypass close to Barren River.  All roses are labeled and consist of floribundas, David Austins, and shrubs.  We planted disease-resistant roses, and they appear to be just that.  No spray has been used since the city requires a licensed applicator.  We did treat them with Bayer Advanced Formula which is a liquid applied to the ground around the roses.  We are fortunate there is an irrigation system in place so watering is not necessary.  The roses have looked great with very little care.  The cooler fall weather should result in some beautiful roses.  When you visit the garden, take some clippers in case the spent blooms need to be deadheaded.  Thanks, Bob and Ann, for the watchful eye you've kept on the garden.


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